Winners 2021

Awards given at the 6th ISFF Short cut  Indjija 2021.


The winner of the photo contest “Objektiv(n)i” is Hamed Asgharzadeh Marghmaleki from Iran with the photo “Nomadic life”.

Hamed Asgharzadeh Marghmaleki


The second place was won by Kang Le from Taiwan with a photo from the cycle “On the train”.


The third place went to the author  from Bulgaria, Jivko Konstantinov, with a photograph from the cycle “Antarctic”.


 A special award for photography went to Bojan Banjac from Indjija, Serbia for photographing happy communal worker.



The best animated film, according to the expert jury of the festival, is the film “Scream For Ice” by Emir Aytemür from Turkey.

Emir Aitemur


while the winner of the ecology category is the film “How Blue Is Your Ocean” by Joe Pisciotta from the USA.

Joe Pisciotta


In the category of tourism, the award went to the film “Just a Day” – Sarah Namiyonga from Uganda

Sarah Namiyonga


and in the life category, the winner is Laurent Rouy from Serbia with the film “Last words”.

Laurent Rouy

The festival Grand Prix was given to the film “Dear 2020” by Abdullah Saghir Ahmad  from India.

Abdullah Saghir Ahmad