Short cut 2016

The festival was held September 11 and on it are shown selected feature movies, documentary and experimental movies and also animated . The festival was open not only for the movies made by native authors, but also for the authors from all over the world. As an accompanying program of the festival is organized photo exhibition (the theme is “Objective(s)”.

The festival  award the first place winners from all three categories and the Grand Prix festival also a special award for idea.

The festival committee select the movies who examined jury: Goran Lukić (a producer, Sremska Mitrovica),
Ranko Jurijević (marketing designer, Indjija),
Petar Milićević (actor).    

Awarded at this year's Short cut Festival:

First prize in the category "Tourism" went to Alejandro Melero Martines for film „Go beyond tourism“ from Spain

Alejandro Melero Martines


First prize in the category „Ecology“ went to Denys Kushnarov for film „There is a place“ from Ukraine

Denys Kushnarov

First prize in the category „Life“  went to Mahmoud Samir for film „Emmanuel“ from Egypt

Mahmoud Samir

Special prize for the idea went to Hristina Belousova for film „The Perfect World“ from Uzbekistan

Hristina Belousova

Grand Prix of Festival went to Luka Popadic for film „Carusel“ from Serbia

Luka Popadic


MIlica Sučević

Milica Sucevic 2
Milica Sucevic 3
Milica Sucevic

Nikola Jovanović

Nikola Jovanovic 2
Nikola Jovanovic 3

Nikola Jovanovic

Vladimir Stanković


Vladimir Stankovic

Vladimir Stankovic 2

Ranko Jurjević


Ranko Jurjevic 2