Open call for authors, Short cut 2020.

General rules:

Media affirmation association “MAT” (in further text: The Association) is non-governmental and non-profit voluntary association, founded for an indefinite period of time due to media affirmation of all social segments via audio-video material making, press articles and web presentation making. One of the aims of the Association is the organization of festivals which, due to their content, contribute the development of culture. From 2016. one of the organized festivals is International festival of short movies, called “Short cut”.

The International festival of short movies  “Short cut” is a cultural-educational project consisting of a festival part of the competitive character and an exhibition of photographs “Objective(s)” which is of a competitive nature from this year. The name of the project itself indicates that the movie should be short (not more than 15 minutes). The movie topic should be related to one of the following: ecology, tourism or life.

A public call for authors to submit their films is from July 1 to July 15, 2020. The papers submitted will be examined by a selection committee that will not take into consideration works that contain offensive or aggressive messages or content.

The festival will be held on August 29 and 30, 2020. Movies shown at the festival are short feature movies, animated and documentary movies. The festival is open not only for the movies made by native authors, but also for the authors from all over the world.

The following program consists of the photography exhibition (the theme is “Objective(s)”),which is of a competitive nature from this year.

The festival will be awarded: The first prize for the catagory of ecology, the first prize for the category of tourism and the first prize for the category of life, the prize for an animated film, the Grand Prix festival and the special prize for a special impression. It will also be awarded the first prize in the photo contest “Objective(s)”.

The festival committee select the movies which was assessed by the jury: Goran Lukić (a producer, Sremska Mitrovica) and  Ranko Jurijević (marketing designer, Indjija).


The open invitation for the authors runs until July 5th



– The film should not last longer than 15 minutes

– The film can not be produced before 2018.

– Association “MAT” can use parts or complete films in the promotion service

– The author is responsible for the copyright of the film

-Authors whose films are selected for the festival are required to submit: a completed form, a photo of the author and an MPEG-4 format (via, or and no later than 5. 08. 2020. mail

– You can download the application form





The Short Cut Festival organizers organize an exhibition of photographs titled “Objective(s)” in the accompanying program, inviting all interested people to participate in the exhibition, photographs with personal information and contact send on shortcutfest @ with an indication for a photo contest “Short cut”, from July 1 to July 31, 2020. Photo authors for the competition can send a maximum of 10 photos, the size of the longer page of acceptable digital photos cannot be less than 3,000 pixels, the file type can only be jpg, ie. jpeg and the maximum file size must not exceed 20MB.