Media affirmation association “MAT” (in further text: The Association) is non-governmental and non-profit voluntary association, founded for an indefinite period of time due to media affirmation of all social segments via audio-video material making, press articles and web presentation making.  One of the aims of the Association is the organization of festivals which, due to their content, contribute the development of culture. From last year one of the organized festivals is International  festival of short movies, called “Short cut”.


                    The Review of short movies “Short cut” is a cultural-educational project that includes the festival part (the review of short movies) and the photography exhibition “Objective(s)” . The name of the project itself indicates that the movie should be short (not more than 15 minutes). The movie topic should be related to one of the following: ecology, tourism or real life.


                     The festival is held in the first week of September. On the estival are displayedare short feature movies, documentary and experimental movies and also animated . The festival is open not only for the movies made by native authors, but also for the authors from all over the world.


                       The following program consists of the photography exhibition (the theme is “Objective(s)”),  hanging out with the authors, but the guests  will also get a chance to be introduced to the tourist offers in the Municipality of Indjija.


                    The Festival awards the first prizes in all three categories as well as the festival’s festival. There is an open possibility that, if assessed by the Commission, a special festival award is also granted.  


                         Awarded works selected by the selection committee, in 2017, was examined by a professional three-member jury composed of: Goran Lukić producer Sremska Mitrovica, Ranko Jurijević marketing designer Inđija and Luka Popadić director from Belgrade.